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Treestand Tactics for Turkey Hunting

Ever consider a treestand on your next turkey hunt? Like deer, turkey can be hunted from a tree stand. Tactic #1 – Scout Scouting turkeys will familiarize yourself with their habits and routines. Scouting offers prime information and will put you in front of birds. It is no secret for those hunters who scout, generally harvest more birds. Tactic #2 – Placement of Tree Stand Like other game species erecting a stand where the turkeys are travelling is key. Turkeys spend lots of time in fields, placing a stand on the fields edge can be productive. Tactics #3 – Height of Tree Stand The higher the tree stand, the better. This allows you to view more of the field you are hunting. This can be beneficial for calling in birds and see their reaction.This will also allow you to scan the field you are hunting before leaving, avoiding a bust by some love-struck silent Tom. Tactic #4 – Camouflage your Set-up Like a ground blind, taking the time to camouflage your tree stand will allow room for hunter error and move freely without being busted by the eye of a close gobbler. Tactic #5 - Poison Ivy Avoidance Yes, this is a real thing for hunters who are highly allergic. Anyone who is allergic to the oils of the plant will find out the hard way. Poison Ivy is commonly found on field edges and setting up in a treestand can help avoid contact. The oils of this plant are at its peak in the spring and can be very irritable. Next time you are entering the turkey woods, try hunting from a tree stand if your hunt will allow it - you may be surprised with the results!

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