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At Hunt Trap Outdoors we are average folks from central Ontario, CANADA who have a profound passion for hunting and trapping with a great appreciation for the outdoors. We have also fallen in love with our neighboring province of Quebec, partaking in additional hunting opportunities.

We invite you to browse our website and find something that may interest you, inspire you or most importantly engage you within our community of hunting and trapping. 
We share stories and memories from the hunt camp to the trapline, help to conserve our game animals and fur bearers, but most importantly exploit our passion with others!


We also socialize often through social media platforms.

We, as hunters and trappers are the eyes and ears of the land and continue to makes waves for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.  So, whether you are a hunter or trapper or heck you do both, please make yourself at home and stay a while.


Hunt Trap Outdoors


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